Something You Might Not Know Vol. 4 Growler Cleaning

Our growler program explained:

The growler program at Manantler is by far the most cost effective way to buy our beer. An average beer for us breaks down to about $0.34/oz in bottle vs about $0.31/oz in a 64oz growler. Only $0.25/oz when you factor in the $4.00 discount for using a manantler growler! I dare say it’s also more environmentally friendly with less waste produced from bottle labelling and take out bags.

So what are some of the drawbacks? Surely this is all too good to be true, right? Well, that depends, I suppose. One drawback could be that once the growler is filled, it’ll only keep for a week or two. Definitely a drawback if you’re planning to hold on to the beer for a while. Maybe it’s a gift of you’re saving it for a special treat. Another drawback could be that once the growler is opened, it’s best consumed within a day or else you’re left with flat beer that starts to taste less delicious than it should. In addition to 64oz, our growlers also come in a 32oz size which is about 1.5 of our standard bottles. If you only want a little bit of beer at a time or you want to hold on to the beer like a souvenir, then maybe growlers aren’t for you. 

The basics of our growler program are this: You buy either a 32oz collector or 64oz standard growler for $12.99 plus tax. This growler is yours to keep, love and cherish. Everytime you fill your Manantler growler, you get a discount. $4 off a 64oz pour and $2 off a 32oz pour. Which means the growler will pay for itself. For the 64oz it’s on the fourth fill and on the seventh fill for the 32oz.

Once the growler is filled, you take it to wherever you’re going to drink it and do just that! There’s a little bit of work involved once you’ve emptied your growler. This is where the love comes in. To keep your growler performing to its fullest, you’ll want to give it a good thorough rinse with hot water. You might be tempted to use a cleaning product at this stage, but don’t. Glass is porous and if you use something like soap, you’ll leave a residue in the growler that’s difficult to remove and it’ll add a soapy flavour to the next beer you fill it with. After your hot water rinse, the next step is to let it air dry. When you’re ready for more beer, bring it on back in and we’ll sanitize your growler before we fill it every time.

In summary, this isn’t Flat Earther science. This is the real deal. 

You buy growler (negative) 

+ You get great beer (positive) 

+ You get a discount on great beer (double positive) 

+ You can repeat the positive steps indefinitely (maximum positive) 

= Living your best life

There you have it. Science wins again.