Something You Might Not Know Volume 3

Did you know there are hundreds of kinds of yeast that are used to make beer? Traditionally there were only two types used. They were referred to as top fermenting yeast, which is typically used to make ales, and bottom fermenting yeast, typically used to ferment lagers. Technically speaking, those two types of yeast are still used, but they are now used as a way to categorize all the hundreds of types of yeast.
Different strains of yeast are used to accomplish different flavour profiles and beer styles. Have you ever seen a beer that had ‘Brett’ in the title? Brett is actually a type of yeast! Brett yeast (more technically speaking known as Brettanomyces) is an interesting strain of yeast for multiple reasons. It’s been used in beer for years and years, but not necessarily on purpose. Brett yeast grows on fruit skin, so in the ‘olden days’, Brett yeast got into beer without brewers even knowing. Now though, craft brewers use it on purpose. It has a very distinctive funky, fruity flavour to it that can add some awesomely unique qualities!