What Sets Us Apart

It’s hard to write a blurb about what makes us special without people reading into it and assuming that we think we’re better than other breweries.  I am very proud to work at Manantler. If I'm being totally honest, I brag about us all the time.  However, I don’t want this to come across as brag-y, but more of a “here are some things we’re proud of” tidbit.

One thing I love to mention to customers is the passion we have at Manantler for all that we do.  I mean, it goes without saying that we all love beer.  But the passion we have for all the work we do at the brewery is something I love.  It’s the second best part about working here - second of course to seeing and talking to our amazing customers! (Too much??) And if you’ve ever talked to Corey about beer, well, you can see the passion in his eyes when he talks about it.  I think loving what you do is so important and it makes all the difference in the atmosphere, especially in a setting such as ours.

Another thing we have? We have something for everyone.  No matter what style of beer you’re into at any given time, I would be willing to bet we have something that will tickle your fancy.  We have beer for a non craft beer drinker to enjoy, and we have beer for the hop heads out there, and anyone in between!  I think it’s a beautiful thing when beer can bring people together, with no discrimination towards anyone’s taste buds!