What's Our Most Popular Beer?

As a tap room staff I get this question a lot but it’s a hard one to answer.  What sells the most?  Without looking at the numbers, I find our one-off beers sell out the fastest.  The styles that are brand new and masterfully made, they always seem to go the quickest.  On the flip side, there are beers that possibly aren’t our top sellers, but the people who love them, LOVE them, and always keep coming back for them.  We are well known for a couple of our Black IPA’s (Dark Prince and Hot Wax), if you like a dark hoppy beer, those two are amazing and keep people coming back for more.  Finally, we have our lighter, easier drinking beers (Roberta Blondar and Creamed By Bickell), which sell very steadily on any given day.  So yes, the article title was misleading because I still didn’t tell you what our most popular beer is.  But maybe the next time you go to a brewery, whether it be Manantler or any other one, ask the bartender what his or her favourite beer on tap is.  You’ll see their eyes light up - we love talking about the beer that we love!  You’ll also get a slightly less wish-washy answer.