Where Do We Get Our Ideas

Creativity can be a difficult thing to come by, yet in the craft beer industry there seems to be no shortage of it.  From beer recipes, to beer names, to the fun  and artistic labels, there always seems to be something new coming out from breweries all across the province - and beyond.  We have had many people ask where we come up with these ideas for new brews and new names.  In all honesty, there isn’t a formula for how those in charge decide on this stuff, but I’ll let you in on a few of the ways they come up with the ideas.  

When it comes to beer styles, one of the deciding factors is the season.  If you come into the brewery in the colder months, you’re bound to find a lot more dark beers on tap and in the bottle fridge.  Where as in the summer, you’ll find more lighter in colour beers, as well as more fruity and ‘summery’ flavours.  Of course this isn’t always the case, considering we came out with our first ever sour, which is thought of as more of a summer style, in October of 2018.

Other than that, I think we can chalk it up to Corey and the rest of the staff’s creative minds.  For beer names, we love to do a play on words with the beer style, as well as references to random things.  The Machine is a reference to a comedian named Bert Kreischer and one of his comedy skits.  Oat Of This World is an Oat IPA that is literally out of this world, so a very fitting name.

I suppose you could say that if you’re creative enough, there is truly inspiration in anything.