What I Love About The Industry

I love craft beer, I think most people reading this article would agree with that statement.  Since starting in the industry though, I feel like I’ve gained a new appreciation for craft beer, for the people who make it and sell it, and for the mentality that this industry holds.  

If you’ve talked to me before at the brewery you might have heard me talk about how much I love this community.  All industries are competitive - after all a business needs sales to stay afloat.  But the craft beer industry is one of the friendliest ones out there (definitely the friendliest competition I’ve ever come across). There is never a time I’ve heard any brewer speak badly of another.  Not once have I heard an owner of a brewery slander the name of another brewery.  I love this community aspect, everyone seeking to help each other.  If one brewer comes across a hiccup, let me grab Corey for you, he will lend you his expertise.  You like our sour beer?  Check out Chronicle, they love making sours!  Looking for some interestingly random beer flavours?  5 Paddles will give you your fix.  I could go on like this for a while but I think you get the point.  The beer is a great reason to go out and explore different breweries across Ontario, but I think the community is what keeps people coming back every time.