February 2019


Are there any plans for the members club in the future?


A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh? Nudge, nudge. Know what I mean?


Are you going to make more sour beers?


Yes! You can look for us to make more sour beers this year. While we don't plan on making them an absolute staple, you can expect at least a quarterly sour beer concept. We also hope that as our barrel program grows you will probably see a further addition of unique tart and sour farmhouse style beers that will hopefully help round our offerings!


May I have all your beer recipes?


I cant say on here yes (my boss might get mad) but I love talking beer and brewing and have been known to give out a lot of secrets / recipes and processes across the bar over a beer…showing up with a few cool beers never hurts your chances either.


How long do you age your beers?


Typically 14- 21 days for most of our beers. We have released beers that have been aged in barrels for any where between 2 - 16 months! Those beers tend to tell you when they are ready rather than trying to keep them on a schedule.


How difficult is it to collaborate with other breweries?


Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling. Believe it or not brewers tend to be busy people with a lot on their plate at any given time. Finding gaps in each others schedules that simultaneously align seems to be the toughest part. From there it's just coming up with an idea which tends to happen pretty organically and is by far the funnest part. You'd be surprised at how many concepts most brewers have on the back burner. Often it's the product of the combined creativity of yourself and other industry friends.